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Lancôme perfume La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum Intense Patchouli Elixir, the fragrance of Reminiscence
La Vie Est Belle Intensément, the return of Julia Roberts as the face of the Lancôme perfume La Vie Est Belle Intensément, the return of Julia Roberts as the face of the Lancôme perfume
La Vie Est Belle Intensément, the return of Julia Roberts as the face of the Lancôme perfume

La Vie Est Belle, Lancôme is intensely reinventing its best-seller!

La Vie Est Belle was created in 2012, as if to deliver a message to women and encourage them to flourish, to abandon the superfluous in order to better fulfill themselves. Embellished with a floral and gourmet touch, La Vie Est Belle immediately caused a sensation among women. To bring them ever more happiness on a daily basis, Lancôme has therefore decided to reinvent its scent year after year, to make multiple essences from the same range, corresponding to as many different female personalities. Once again, in 2020, history repeats itself. Lancôme presents its new fragrance: La Vie Est Belle Intensément.

La Vie Est Belle Intensément, a very floral composition

What could be better than flowers to highlight femininity and make women smile? This is how the La Vie Est Belle Intensément perfume was conceived. In fact, it preserves the main ingredients of the very first version of La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme. However, he associates them with other more unexpected materials, creating a rich trail of reliefs. First, La Vie Est Belle Intensely thrills the senses by using a highly contrasting combination of bergamot and pink pepper. This chiaroscuro play is also enhanced with a fruity and tangy raspberry. Its sweet breath is then relayed by a floral heart of sambac jasmine, orange blossom and heliotrope. Poetry operates and this is how the red iris comes into play, before being sublimated with a suave vanilla. Finally,

Julia Roberts, Lancôme muse again

Once again, to highlight all the femininity of its perfume, Lancôme has set its sights on actress Julia Roberts. Indeed, the actress lends her pretty smile to this perfume since its launch in 2012. Here, it appears in an advertisement with red and pinkish nuances, as a pledge of passion and intensity. For the occasion, Julia Roberts is also wearing a light and airy tulle dress. The message is clear: live intensely and follow only the voice of your own accomplishment! “Happiness is a vibration that lives in each of us. It is fleeting but intense. She is here and now. It vibrates in the new Eau de Parfum La Vie Est Belle Intensément ”.

The return of the famous historic Lancôme bottle

On the bottle side, La Vie Est Belle Intensément is presented in the same bottle as its predecessors, which is in passing a tribute to the history of Lancôme. Indeed, this glass case was designed for the first time in 1949, by George Delhomme, at the request of Armand Petitjean. Her broad smile is now decorated with a more intense pink color than before, also present on her tulle bow attached to her collar and on her elegant cardboard box.