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Lancôme perfume La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum Intense Patchouli Elixir, the fragrance of Reminiscence
La Nuit Trésor, the love potion of the 21st century

It was Armand Petitjean who founded the Lancôme house in 1935. If the latter had worked a lot with François Coty, the father of modern perfumery, Armand Petitjean wanted “a brand” to create his products there, with a name of a beautiful French sounding which could rhyme with “Vendôme”… It will therefore be “Lancôme”. From then on, the brand will never cease to sublimate the beauty of women with quality products. In 2015, Lancôme unveiled “La Nuit Trésor”, the new love potion of the 21st century.

An ultra sensual enigmatic night

The story of “La Nuit Trésor” began in 1990 with “Trésor”, an emblematic fragrance from the Lancôme house. With “Trésor”, the brand had not only wished to reconnect with its values, but also to give pride of place to the very first “Trésor” released in 1952 … Faced with its success, Lancôme decided to revisit its star perfume with “La Nuit Treasure “. As mysterious as it is enigmatic, the fragrance of “La Nuit Trésor” was born from the meeting of two stars irremediably attracted to each other. History teaches us that the two stars would have collided, giving birth to a shower of particles from which came the perfume “La Nuit Trésor”.

This is why its fragrance contains many mysteries… Mysteries that make it even more attractive. The aura of “La Nuit Trésor” is captivating, but unique. “La Nuit Trésor” is an ultra sensual elixir with a bewitching heart of black rose eroticized with a vanilla orchid.

La Nuit Trésor and its gourmet aphrodisiac composition

“La Nuit Trésor” is defined as the first gourmet aphrodisiac in the history of perfumery. Composed by two perfumers, Christophe Raynaud and Amandine Marie, “La nuit Trésor” creates an unexpected and unique association around two noble ingredients, the rose and the Tahitensis vanilla orchid.

“La Nuit Trésor” begins with the essence of Damascene rose, electrified by rose oxide and black rose. This accord is softened by the exotic touch of lychee. The heart is floral with the presence of rose, jasmine absolute, violet and heliotropin, but also greedy, because it combines vanilla, praline and an almost mythical incense. The base takes us to enveloping and enigmatic depths with the presence of patchouli, benzoin as well as papyrus vapors.

The love potion is encapsulated in a black diamond, an expression of a scorching night. Like its predecessor, the bottle of “La Nuit Trésor” is sculpted in the shape of a diamond. The bottle is here decorated with satin to form a black rose tied at its neck, offering a final touch of seduction… A truly rare and precious jewel.

With “La Nuit Trésor”, your night could not be more captivating. “La Nuit Trésor” is the promise of an eternal night, of unacknowledged desires, the promise of unparalleled emotions …