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Lancôme perfume La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum Intense Patchouli Elixir, the fragrance of Reminiscence
The Christmas 2016 edition of La Nuit Trésor
The Christmas 2016 edition of La Nuit Trésor

La Nuit Trésor Limited Edition, the new jewel from Lancôme

There are fragrances that we never tire of rediscovering season after season. These are considered to be essentials in perfumery. As such, they are reinterpreted in all sauces and on all occasions. In spring, they are often revealed fresher while Christmas is the occasion to develop limited editions. This is precisely what Lancôme has done by currently releasing the new perfume La Nuit Trésor Limited Edition. This one has put on its gala outfit and already promises to bewitch you with its very elegant look as with its greedy essence.

The appetizing juice of Lancôme

If the festive season is the occasion to taste all kinds of sweets, well it could well be that they are also available in the form of a perfume. Indeed, although La Nuit Trésor Limited Edition is an essence already described as particularly enigmatic and sensual, it does not lack gluttony. It opens with a fresh, citrusy flight containing bergamot and tangerine. The pear nevertheless joins these citrus fruits to give them a more velvety, fruity and juicy side.

Moreover, it continues in the heart of this fragrance thanks to the presence of strawberry and passion fruit. What is more, it is also at this moment that the rose makes its entry. This is one of Lancôme’s favorite flowers. However, it has been worked here in a very contemporary way. It is a black rose, both noble and sensual, racy and bewitching. This one expresses better than any other the enigmatic facet of this juice. It is associated with Tahitensis vanilla orchid, symbol of the entire Trésor collection from Lancôme since the creation of its first part in 1952. Then, the whole gradually gives way to sweet flavors. The base of La Nuit Trésor Limited Edition lets out aromas of praline, vanilla, lychee, papyrus, caramel, coffee, licorice and incense.

The magical look of La Nuit Trésor Limited Edition

On the design side, La Nuit Trésor Limited Edition draws irreparable inspiration from its predecessors. Its bottle adopts a very original shape. It is a kind of faceted and point cut glass diamond. This one is inspired by its elders and is similar to a precious stone chiseled over the years by the best craftsmen in the world. Like a splendid jewel, La Nuit Trésor Limited Edition shines brightly. Indeed, a glittery black border encircles its widest part. This one matches the splendid black satin rose tied at its collar. Everything is thought of as a sort of luxurious adornment to offer to the most beautiful of women.