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Lancôme perfume La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum Intense Patchouli Elixir, the fragrance of Reminiscence
La Nuit Trésor Nude, the perfume presented in a new advertisement with Pénélope Cruz
La Nuit Trésor Nude, the perfume presented in a new advertisement with Pénélope Cruz

Lancôme features unconditional love in its advertisement for La Nuit Trésor Nude

For more than 80 years, Lancôme has been promoting French know-how and elegance throughout the world. Thus, it is undoubtedly one of the most famous cosmetic brands in our country. His goal ? Sublimate women to make them happy and naturally more beautiful. However, it is precisely all this romanticism and this authenticity that resurface in his new advertising. La Nuit Trésor Nude features the actress Pénélope Cruz in her purest intimacy, through the eyes of her beloved. All that was needed: the magic works instantly!

Penelope Cruz in the eyes of the loved one

The advertisement for La Nuit Trésor Nude features the Spanish actress Pénélope Cruz, inseparable from Lancôme since 2010. Thus, it is she who has embodied the image of the La Nuit Trésor collection since its launch. Here, the Lancôme advertisement takes us to his apartment in the early morning hours. If the staging of this campaign is quite simple, it is nonetheless captivating with sensuality. Here, the attractive Penelope Cruz seems more fulfilled than ever. The cameraman plunges us into the gaze of his beloved, who never appears on the screen but who chooses to reveal only his sweet voice to us. In his eyes, no woman seems to be able to compete with the muse of Pedro Almodovar. As he says so well “In my eyes, you are love” (“in my eyes, you embody love”). La Nuit Trésor Nude is a fragrance synonymous with unconditional love, one that does not fade even after many years. This juice plunges us into the intimacy of two bodies that merge to form one and the same being. The advertisement finally ends with the vision of two bottles: La Nuit Trésor and La Nuit Trésor Nude.

La Nuit Trésor Nude, a floral and fruity diamond

As always, La Nuit Trésor Nude is presented to us in a diamond-shaped bottle, initially designed by artist Charles Boussiquet. This time, like the Lancôme advertisement, this container contains a mixture of softness and sensuality. La Nuit Trésor Nude is a fruity essence that begins with a combination of citrus and peach. The rose, an emblematic ingredient of Lancôme, is always present at its heart. Here, it is enveloped in an exotic breath of coconut. At its base, La Nuit Trésor Nude brings together three warmer ingredients, namely musk, benzoin and vanilla.

Note that with the release of La Nuit Trésor Nude, Lancôme is also focusing on another category of communication. The brand intends to bring together a large community of fans around the hashtag #lovewithnofilter, the objective of which is “to encourage the world to experience a true, intimate and sincere love story”.