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Poême by Lancôme, a hymn to feminine sensibility
Poême by Lancôme, a hymn to feminine sensibility

Poême is a perfume that Lancôme imagined in 1995. Of course, you could not miss the word Poême without noticing its Lancôme circumflex accent so much… With it everything is in the originality and in the poetry. Poême is a perfume that makes you dream and which has chosen to embody the subtlety of emotions. This essence is particularly feminine. It pays homage to sensitive, free and laughing personalities. Poême is a bouquet of flowers designed to arouse feelings. His goal is to be able to say everything without a word. He takes us to an imaginary world between poetry and love.

Welcome to the poetic world of Lancôme

Lancôme is a brand recognized for taking care of the body of women. Thus, her name rhymes with beauty and femininity. In this sense, this big house already gives us a certain poetry. However, with its Poême fragrance, the brand has accentuated its sensitivity. This essence is, as its name suggests, a tribute to poetry. She plunges us into a romantic universe where the perfume writes an imaginary world without ever saying a word. He manages to reveal everything through a shiver. Poême seems to have been born to sublimate the emotions and embellish the sensations. In this sense, he becomes particularly seductive. In addition, it gives us sun-drenched scents that make it particularly pleasant. Women who feel it on them say: “I have the impression of finding myself in a sunny garden”. Since then, we realize that this climate is favorable to the birth of the most sublime flowers. Poême is a bouquet whose floral olfactory notes resonate better than any word to anchor themselves forever in the memory.

The floral aspect of the most fragrant Poême (s)

If we had to describe the scent of Poême, we’d probably say it’s floral, round, opulent, and powdery. However, words are not enough to express what this perfume gives off as it releases emotions. In short, it is particularly feminine. Its start is very exotic since it associates the lychee flower with the Himalayan blue poppy. Then, he plays on contrasts by juxtaposing the frosty aspect of the snow flower with the sunny aspect of the yellow mimosa. Likewise, the datura flower is also present. It then brings a carnal and particularly bewitching scent. Orange blossom, for its part, brings its share of luminosity. It is grafted onto the gentle femininity of Poême, giving it its particularly cheerful side. Finally, vanilla completes this sweet composition, leaving behind an enveloping trail.

The woman who wears Poême thus becomes a gentle seductress. The luminosity of this essence is also reflected in its bottle. This plays on transparency. It takes the form of a glass prism with cut sides, thus symbolizing its hot / cold double facet. Its amber color marvelously transcribes the warmth that emanates from its essence. Finally, it is topped with a golden cap which brings a touch of refinement to the whole.