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Prep & Matte, the mattifying base Lancôme
Prep & Matte, the mattifying base Lancôme

Lancôme’s Fresh Mattifying Base, when hydration and dullness become one!

You may not know it, but the expression “shining skin” is one of the most frequently searched on the Internet, especially in summer. Rest assured ladies, so you’re not the only one complaining about having oily and sometimes shiny skin. This phenomenon is completely normal, although quite unsightly and often annoying! In addition, note that the sun, however long awaited, promotes the production of sebum and therefore the shine of the skin. According to a study carried out by La Roche Posay, 51% of women aged 20 to 29 complain of this excess sebum. To help you solve this problem and preserve the freshness of your complexion, Lancôme has therefore designed a new Base Prep & Matte.

Prep & Matte Matifying Base for a more radiant face

Prep & Matte Fresh Matifying Base, as its name suggests, acts on the production of sebum and aims to mattify the skin. For this, it acts directly at the source of the problem and regulates the functioning of the epidermis. Very effective, in particular on the T zone of the face, it limits the appearance of shine and makes the skin healthier and fresher. By acting on the production of sebum, Lancôme Fresh Mattifying Base also tightens the pores and prevents their unsightly dilation. The skin texture immediately seems refined. As it is less clogged, it also lets appear fewer blackheads and imperfections. Gradually, over time, the face looks smoother and more even. It is preserved from any shine and appears freshly cleansed and purified.

Prep & Matte Matifying Base to improve the adhesion of your makeup

At the same time, note that the Lancôme Fresh Matifying Base is ideally designed to be applied before your foundation. By limiting the creation of a greasy film on your face, it also improves the adhesion of your makeup. With it, forget the make-up which fades in barely an hour or 2. Now, your foundation remains intact from morning until night! The polymers integrated into the formula of the Matifying Freshness Base ensure a long-lasting and infinitely resistant result, which only completes the uniformity offered by your usual make-up.

Lancôme focuses on hydration

Despite its effectiveness, it should be noted that the Fresh Mattifying Base does not dry out the skin. Rich in moisturizing agents, and benefiting from all of Lancôme’s cosmetic expertise, it maintains a constant water level in the heart of your cells. The Prep & Matte Matifying Base thus protects you from skin discomfort and irritation. With it, only an absolute feeling of comfort remains. Lancôme’s Fresh Matifying Base is designed for oily skin as well as the most sensitive skin. It limits tightness and makes your face as supple and voluptuous as silk.