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Lancôme perfume La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum Intense Patchouli Elixir, the fragrance of Reminiscence
Lancôme Hypnosis also for men
Lancôme Hypnosis also for men

Hypnose Homme by Lancôme, a refined fragrance in the heart of a twisted setting

Hypnosis Homme aims to attract a rather young clientele. However, it presents itself in a decidedly elegant appearance. Its woody notes give it a rather classic and very appreciable air. In fact, he is a male alter ego to the feminine perfume Hypnose which appeared in 2005. He will succeed him two years later. Hypnosis Homme is a perfume of contrast. It is located halfway between an aromatic fern and more oriental scents. However, Lancôme has chosen to present it as a fresh, amber lavender.

Hypnosis Homme a lavender-based fragrance

Lavender is used very little as such in perfumery. Indeed, many people associate it with household products and it is often camouflaged by many other ingredients. However, its fragrance smells of the Garrigue and is particularly elegant. Therefore, Male Hypnosis is a very daring essence. Its nectar is one of the few to claim the use of this plant. This lavender was orchestrated here by Maurice Roussel. This flower is complex. It goes from fresh and aromatic tones to warmer tones. It alone evokes other scents such as leather or liquorice. She can also smell fresh cut grass. Likewise, some very noble varieties give off vanilla tones. Hypnose Homme is therefore a very faceted perfume that gives off these multiple aspects. It leaves behind a tenacious and spicy trail. We also discover the almond softness of the tonka bean, the leathery side of the sytrax and the tenacity of the patchouli which remains however quite discreet. In short, its scent is virile while remaining quite sweet.

Lancôme hypnotizes women with its perfume and its muse

In order to highlight its fragranceand its hypnotic side, Lancôme has chosen a muse of size. It is the handsome Clive Owen who had the heavy task of embodying the seducer according to Lancôme. This actor made a name for himself in the film La Mémoire dans la Peau, alongside the talented Matt Damon. This beautiful dark brown has it all. He displays broad shoulders, a dark gaze, crisp dimples … His sex appeal is undeniable and makes more than one succumb. It makes you wonder if there is a defect. Well yes: he is no longer single! However, this does not prevent him from being particularly credible in his role of seducer for the advertisement of the perfume Hypnose Homme. He then manages to seduce a pretty brunette with a simple look. It falls instantly into his arms. Clive Owen is elegant, refined, charming and manly.