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Lancôme Grandiôse Liner Eye Liner
Lancôme Grandiôse Liner Eye Liner

Founded in 1935, the Lancôme house has never ceased to work to sublimate women. Born under the leadership of Armand Petitjean, the Lancôme brand is the symbol of French femininity, and has even opted for a rose as its emblem. Very quickly, the Lancôme house was displayed as a mark of elegance and precision. From 1936, “Nutrix”, the first regenerating cream, was a huge success. Among the olfactory triumphs of the brand, we note “Trésor, Ô de Lancôme, Hypnose, Miracle” or “La Vie est Belle”. Here, the Lancôme house unveils “Grandiose Liner Eye-Liner”.

Lancôme Grandiose Liner Eye-Liner, all these benefits

With Lancôme’s “Grandise Liner”, the liner revolution has only just begun. Indeed, “Grandiose Liner” creates a break with its revolutionary technology. To liberate the line and push back the possibilities of the liner, Lancôme was inspired by artistic make-up techniques to create Grandiose Liner. A true technological feat, it is equipped with a pivot that allows its stem to be bent at 35 °, thus offering almost unlimited agility. Its dense, opaque and matte formula sublimates your eyes, which are associated with particularly daring lines. “Lancôme Grandiose Liner Eye-Liner” is a very high precision flexible eyeliner. It offers an intense look as well as a long hold. What makes the difference is that it offers many advantages. First of all, it allows effortless application from the inner corner of the eye to the point of the comma. It also allows access as close as possible to the base of the lashes, thanks to its pivoting rod, for high precision application. Finally, it offers absolutely symmetrical access to both eyes while adapting to the shape of each eye for an ergonomic application.

Our tips for using the Lancôme Grandiose Liner Eye-Liner,

“Lancôme Grandiose Liner Eye-Liner” has an ultra-fine felt tip that is flexible and resistant for precise and gentle application. It is advisable to start your line from the inside of the eye, going towards the outside corner, while following the natural line of the root of the eyelashes. Repeat the application if you want to densify your line.

Lancôme “Grandiose Liner Eye-Liner” intensifies your eyes for the whole day. Thanks to its 35 ° shank, it offers agility and application of great agility. Because it is an eyeliner with great precision, Lancôme “Grandiose Liner Eye-Liner” draws you the eyes of your dreams …