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Lancôme Génifique Cream
Lancôme Génifique Cream

Lancôme Génifique Cream, a youth-activating treatment

It is a proven fact: our environment and our little daily habits have a considerable role in the aging of our skin. Indeed, when the temperature differences are too great or when you expose your body too intensely to the sun, your skin tends to deteriorate and age prematurely. However, it must be recognized that your genetic heritage also has a role to play in the aesthetic future of your body. Not all people age the same and heredity continuously affects your aging skin. The Lancôme decided to intervene directly in the genes of your skin to preserve its beauty for as long as possible. Focus on the Génifique Cream by Lancôme.

Your skin genes: let’s take stock!

The beauty of your skin and the preservation of its youthfulness largely depends on two independent factors: your genes and your environment. Indeed, depending on your habits, your skin will be more or less attacked by external aggressions such as UV rays, pollution, cold, the use of chemicals or air conditioning. However, it is indeed your genetic makeup that will determine its ability to defend itself against all this. The qualities of your skin are encoded at the heart of your genes, and it is precisely this that determines the nature of each of your cells. The genes are therefore at the very origin of the youth of your body. They are what determine the amount of specific proteins that will be produced by your body, and they are also the ones who will detect the needs of your epidermis at all times. However, skin genes tend to lose their effectiveness with age. It is therefore precisely on this aspect that Lancôme Génifique Cream works. The idea is to preserve the activity of the genes of your skin despite the passing years.

Youth assets contained in Génifique Cream by Lancôme

As you will have understood, the Génifique Cream is a real makeover to offer your body. It acts directly on the youth and the efficiency of your genes. For this, its unique and velvety texture instantly penetrates into the heart of your cells. Génifique Cream is enriched with many smoothing active ingredients, and brings intense hydration to your body. From then on, its benefits are immediately felt and your skin instantly appears softer and more comfortable. Day after day, Lancôme Génifique Cream also smoothes the skin surface. As a result, your skin appears brighter, full of life and visibly younger. The Génifique Creamadapts to all skin types and can be used daily. We recommend that you do not wait for wrinkles to set in before starting to use this treatment. Better safe than sorry by using this anti-aging as early as possible like a regular day cream.