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Lancôme Fix It Forget It Fixing Mist
Lancôme Fix It Forget It Fixing Mist

Fix It Forget It, the fixing and antipollution mist from Lancôme

The Lancôme house appeared in 1935, with the aim of dealing with the developments of major American brands specializing in the creation of beauty products. Since then, it has been a flagship of French elegance around the world, and continues to perfect its existing products. Today, Lancôme has chosen to focus on the hold of your makeup. To improve its adhesion, Lancôme to make a scar mist: the Fix It Forget It spray. What’s more, not content to bring a final touch to your make-up , this product also acts as a protective film to protect your face from the harmful effects of pollution.

Fix It Forget It, perfectly matte skin and preserved makeup

Lancôme Fix It Forget It, as its name suggests, is a mist that sets makeup and improves the appearance of your skin. By absorbing excess sebum, Fix It Forget It adapts perfectly to women with oily skin. It makes the face more matte and is particularly effective on the T zone, made up of the forehead, nose and chin. In fact, usually, it is this which tends to regrease the fastest. By absorbing excess sebum, Fix It Forget It increases the adhesion of all products you apply to your skin, starting with makeup. At the same time, it prevents the clogging of the skin pores and therefore reduces the creation of imperfections. However, despite its effectiveness, Fix It Forget It does not dry out the epidermis. It preserves the hydration of your skin and makes it more comfortable over the long term. Non-greasy, its formula does not stick and does not migrate into wrinkles, fine lines or skin pores. All that remains is an airy sensation and cooler weather.

The Fix It Forget It, a protective shield signed Lancôme

To achieve such results, Lancôme relies above all on the use of natural ingredients. Thus, the Fix It Forget It Lancôme displays remarkable effectiveness without ever attacking the most fragile skin. For this, its formula is enriched with kiwi extract, moringa seeds and witch hazel. An antioxidant complex also helps your face to fight against external aggressions, and in particular pollution. The Fix It Forget It is therefore fully in tune with the times, adapting more specifically to the face of city dwellers.

The Fix It Forget It is used as the last step of makeup. Once your make-up is finished, all you have to do is spray it about twenty centimeters from your skin, closing your eyes. Fix It Forget It dries in minutes and works for hours. However, it can be used for light touch-ups on your skin during the day. It revives and refreshes makeup, while giving you an instant feeling of well-being.