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Lancôme Exfoliance Confort Exfoliant
Lancôme Exfoliance Confort Exfoliant

If we know the Lancôme house for its famous perfumes, the famous rose brand is also specialized in skincare. And to allow the skin to receive in an optimized way the care lavished on it, nothing like to precede it with a good exfoliation. The mechanical action exerted by the grains contained in the Exfoliance Confort scrub from Lancôme helps rid the skin of dead cells that tarnish it and prevent it from fully benefiting from the benefits of skin care products . For this, we proceed on clean skin, perfectly cleansed, on a damp base. Take a little scrub on the fingertips and massage the skin with light circular movements without pressing, to keep all the softness the skin needs.

Lancôme gentle exfoliation

Specially formulated for dry skin, which suffers from a lack of nutrition, the Exfoliance Douceur by Lancôme scrub is the scrub you need to soften the skin without attacking it. Its very soft cream formula, enriched with shea butter, which contains grains that allow the skin to be exfoliated without causing pain, also contains nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients such as honey, yeast and almond extracts, as well as a mixture vegetable oils (corn, rice bran, sesame, wheat germ, etc.) – which will nourish and hydrate the skin at the same time as the mechanical action exerted by the Lancôme scrub. A first step of care for dry skin that needs softness and which also smooths fine lines caused by lack of water and nutrients. Result: the skin is brighter, softer,

The right scrub gesture

With Exfoliance Confort from Lancôme, dry skin, among the most fragile, has an exfoliation that does not attack the skin. When used once or twice a week, this Exfoliance Douceur by Lancôme helps prepare dry and fragile skin for skincare. To fully benefit from its virtues, it is advisable to use it on skin moistened with lukewarm water, to perform gentle movements without moving the skin, for one minute to emulsify the product and to rinse it in lukewarm water or fresh to tone the face. The result is immediately visible: the skin is clearer, brighter but also softer. An open door to a whole skincare ritual because this Exfoliance Confort scrub should be followed by a moisturizing treatment,

Lancôme Exfoliance Confort scrub

Make skin soft by applying a facial scrub that removes the dull veil from the skin, such is the challenge of the Exfoliance Confort scrub from Lancôme. An experience imbued with softness to be tested urgently for dry skin.

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