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The three new Lancôme Absolu Gloss
The three new Lancôme Absolu Gloss

The gloss is a make-up product that is often associated with the 90s. Indeed, it was particularly popular at that time but was then widely criticized. Many considered gloss to be too sticky, drying, too transparent and not tenacious enough. Nevertheless, today it has greatly evolved and is once again displayed as a beauty staple. The gloss is an essential that all fashionistas now have in their bathroom. The Lancôme house understood this well and therefore decided to create an assortment of three new glosses. Focus on L’Absolu Velvet Matte, L’Absolu Gloss Cream and L’Absolu Gloss Sheer.

The advantages of new generation glosses

Now, the glosses are enriched with nourishing oils. Thus, they take care of the mouth over time. Likewise, they are no longer tacky and display a much longer lasting hold. The glosses can thus cover your mouth for six hours; a real feat! Their texture is much more enriched with colored pigments, which gives them a much more radiant rendering. Finally, know that they are now extremely comfortable, and that they do not dry the lips. Lancôme glosses are ideally designed to take care of your mouth over time, to combine beauty and pleasure.

The Lancôme trio

L’Absolu Velvet Matte

Absolu Velvet Matte is a mattifying gloss that looks more like a liquid lipstick than a very shiny gloss. It is an excellent compromise for women with full lips who do not wish to further amplify the volume of their mouth. The Absolu Velvet Matte is embellished with a creamy texture that envelops the lips. Its ultra pigmented formula provides exceptional coverage in a single pass. It comes in five colors directly inspired by the world of catwalks. Between fuchsia, coral and wine lees, you will be spoiled for choice.

L’Absolu Gloss Cream

The Absolu Gloss Cream, on the other hand, offers a more flexible intensity. Its formula is non-sticky and very hydrating. Its color can evolve from a very nude and natural shade to a much more intense shade. Thus, the Absolu Gloss Cream allows you to apply makeup lightly during the day but to increase the intensity of your lips for the evening. With him, everything is a question of dosage.

L’Absolu Gloss Sheer

Finally, L’Absolu Gloss Sheer appears to be the most discreet of all. Its formula is enriched with light reflecting pearls. Thus, it colors the lips with transparency and gives them an intense shine. Unlike L’Absolu Velvet Matte, it is the ideal ally for women with small lips. It gives them volume and a much more fleshy appearance.