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Lancôme perfume La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum Intense Patchouli Elixir, the fragrance of Reminiscence
The femininity of the new Floral Eau de Toilette La Vie Est Belle
The femininity of the new Floral Eau de Toilette La Vie Est Belle

Perfumery is a particularly creative world. Indeed, each essence has the gift of transporting us to its universe. Also, by creating La Vie Est Belle , Lancôme has chosen to convey a message of optimism. This famous essence is a true concentrate of good humor and joie de vivre. This is what has greatly contributed to its global success. Also, the brand has decided to continue its momentum and will soon release its new Eau de Toilette Florale. It will be a variation of the famous La Vie Est Belle. This is then presented as being a particularly feminine essence.

The exhilarating scent of the new La Vie Est Belle L’Eau de Toilette Florale

Eau de Toilette Florale will be the sixth variation of La Vie Est Belle perfume. Also, each of them sees himself exploring a facet of his elder to put it forward. It will be, as its name suggests, a real bouquet of flowers. However, it will take off on energizing touches of bergamot and blackcurrant bud. However, its temperament will also be displayed through the presence of pink pepper. Then, it is in its heart that the major ingredient of this composition will be revealed. In this case, it will be osmanthus. To be more precise, the latter is a rare shrub native to Asia whose small flowers give off a floral and suave fragrance with fruity accents. This ingredient reserved for fine perfumery is known to enhance the femininity of the essences that contain it and give them an exotic touch tinged with apricot scents. Its fruity scent will then be enhanced by numerous floral scents such as jasmine, iris, orange blossom, mimosa, magnolia, violet and rose. Then, this share of sensuality and femininity will gradually give way to a more intense and deep trail essentially based on musk. Finally, the patchouli will finish binding the whole.

Lancôme’s radiant smile

La Vie Est Belle perfume is described as a concentrate of good humor. Also, Floral Eau de Toilettewill obviously be in this continuity. If this juice has such a reputation, it is in particular because its smile shows on all sides. In this case, it is even displayed through its bottle. The latter was imagined in 1949 by Armand Petitjean and Georges Delhomme, artistic director of the Lancôme house. Both had then imagined a case which was nicknamed “the crystal smile” because of its base forming a broad smile. However, no juice seemed to stick to this image and it was not until 2012 that it was unveiled to the general public. Likewise, the smile is omnipresent in the advertisements for La Vie Est Belle. In this case, Lancôme appealed to the actress whose mouth is the trademark. This is the very beautiful Julia Roberts. The latter shines and does not seem to listen to the dictates of society. She lives as she sees fit and probably draws her strength from her scent. Also, it will soon be embellished with a brand new essence called La Vie Est Belle L’Eau de Toilette Florale.