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The beauty of your hands with Lancôme nail polishes
The beauty of your hands with Lancôme nail polishes

Being a woman is far from an easy thing … Between beauty products, makeup and nail polish, the latter are spoiled for choice to show off! Moreover, beauty brands are constantly modifying their products to make them ever more efficient and sophisticated. In this sense, Lancôme is currently presenting a whole new range of nail polish . More colorful, tenacious and sparkling than ever, these nail polishes have only one obsession: to make your beauty shine right down to your fingertips!

The new Lancôme nail polishes in a few words

Lancôme already offers its customers a very wide range of varnishes. However, the brand wanted to integrate 14 new shades that are more chic and timeless than ever. Fading from a light gray to a pale pink through much more sustained colors such as a coral or even a very dark purple, the latter have something to please the greatest number. Lancôme varnishes offer incomparable shine and exceptional coverage. Two coats are enough to send back a true halo of light from your fingertips.

Indeed, Lancôme varnishes are loaded with numerous colored pigments which release a particularly intense color. They are presented in small bottles with an innovative shape. Slightly curved, it still has sharp edges for a more contemporary effect. Ideal for handling, this bottle is topped with an opaque black cabochon connected to an applicator brush. This tool is ideally designed to deliver the right amount of product and facilitate the application of Lancôme varnishes. Of course, the whole is topped with the iconic Lancôme rose stamped on a gold surface.

Achieve a perfect manicure

To achieve an absolutely perfect manicure, it is essential to follow certain steps. First of all, know that careful maintenance of your hands is necessary on a daily basis. Indeed, just like the skin, the nails need to be nourished and hydrated to face daily aggressions. So do not forget to apply care. Then, at the time of your manicure, push back your cuticles and lightly file the surface of your nail so that the varnish adheres to it more.

Then start by depositing a base coat on the surface of your nail in order to protect it and to further increase its adhesion. Then, successively lay out two layers of Lancôme varnish, scrupulously respecting the recommended drying time between each pass. Finally, finish your manicure by adding a top coat. This will increase the hold of your nail polish and protect it. Likewise, the top coat has the property of giving more shine to the varnish.