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New Skin Feels Good Lancôme foundation
New Skin Feels Good Lancôme foundation

Skin Feels Good by Lancôme, the combination of makeup and skincare

To have beautiful skin, it is essential to protect it day after day. Indeed, our face is subjected to severe test and is attacked from all sides by external aggressions. This is why it is recommended to apply a daily care. It is only once this step is completed that you can then consider applying makeup. Yes, but now, when you’re in a hurry, it’s not always easy to respect this little beauty ritual… If this is your case, Lancôme has thought of you! The cosmetics brand has combined the quality of skincare with the zero-defect guarantee of exceptional make-up in one and the same product. Focus on Lancôme Skin Feels Good .

Skin Feels Good, a makeup base

Lancôme Skin Feels Good is a product similar to a fluid foundation. All in lightness, it allows you to put on make-up while preserving the freshness of your skin . Non-sticky, it is very comfortable to wear and will immediately give you a healthy glow without being noticed. What’s more, its application is a breeze! The Skin Feels Good does not create a demarcation and spreads very easily. Thus, it sublimates the epidermis without creating any “mask” effect. It comes in five colors, so as to get as close as possible to your natural skin tone. Its pretty color reflects the light and displays an extraordinary tenacity. With it, all your little flaws will be hidden in a single pass and will make you resplendent from early morning until evening.

Skin Feels Good, a skincare product

In addition to its makeup function, Lancôme Skin Feels Good has been specially developed to take care of your face day after day. Indeed, our skin is particularly thin and fragile on this part of our body. Yet she is also put to the test. It is constantly attacked by temperature variations, pollution, cold or UV rays. However, it is precisely against all this that the Skin Feels Good acts. It is enriched with a sun protection index.

Thus, it prevents the harmful effects of UV rays and preserves the youth of your skin. It also ensures continuous hydration. Its light formula is enriched with many plant active ingredients. Lancôme Skin Feels Good contains in particular vegetable glycerin, hyaluronic acid and moringa extracts, three ingredients very often used in Lancôme skincare and which have already largely proven their effectiveness. All of these elements penetrate the heart of the epidermis and lodge deep within your skin cells. Thus, the Skin Feels Good continues to act even after your make-up removal. Therefore, it takes care of your skin continuously and will make your face more radiant as it is applied.