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New in make-up: La Base Rôsy Lancôme
New in make-up: La Base Rôsy Lancôme

La Base Rôsy by Lancôme, when discretion and hydration become one!

Lancôme is one of the most famous brands on the planet. Just as famous in terms of perfumes as cosmetics or make-up, it naturally sublimates the beauty of women and fits perfectly into the current trend. This time, Lancôme has chosen to focus on the natural. Its Rôsy L’Absolu Rouge Base is an innovative product that is moisturizing, slightly tinted and very comfortable.

La Base Rôsy, a mouth care product

First of all, note that Base Rôsy is not a classic lipstick . It is a moisturizer. Indeed, the mouth is a particularly fragile area of ​​our face. The skin is much thinner there than on the rest of our body, but it is also devoid of sebaceous glands. However, it is one of the areas most exposed to attacks. Consequently, it tends to be weakened and it is therefore essential to help it by providing it with a fair dose of hydration. However, this is precisely where the Rôsy de Lancôme Base comes into play. It is a hydration concentrate that also provides long-lasting comfort to your mouth.

The natural color of the Rôsy Base by Lancôme

In addition to its benefits on the skin, the Rôsy Base by Lancôme also brings your face a very natural freshness. Slightly pigmented, this product discreetly makes up your mouth while giving it a “bitten lip” effect. In other words, the Rôsy Base sublimates your mouth while being imperceptible. More good news: it provides a look that suits all women.