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Monsieur Big the new Lancôme mascara
Monsieur Big the new Lancôme mascara

Gain volume and intensity of the eyes thanks to the Monsieur Big Mascara by Lancôme

Lancôme has just unveiled a brand new ad just a few seconds long. However, it did not take more to talk about her. The question asked by the sign could not be simpler: “Have you put Monsieur Big?” “, Understand” Have you met Mr. Big? “.

But then, who can be this new protagonist inviting himself to the make-up department of the famous Lancôme brand? No, he is not the brand’s new creative director of make-up. In reality, Monsieur Big is none other than the name of the new mascara from Lancôme . Prepare to welcome it, it has the firm intention of taking up space in the makeup department and intends to increase the volume of your eyes!

The modern and seductive look of Monsieur Big Mascara by Lancôme

Very inspired by the Sex and The City series and by John James, also named “Mr Big Preston”, Lancôme’s latest addition is as exciting as it is surprising. Its design is very feminine and modern, instinctively making you want to discover this new product. In this case, Monsieur Big Mascara is presented to us in a tube of mascara entirely lacquered in black, except in its center.

Indeed, her name appears on a bright pink rectangle, particularly feminine and very current. Likewise, as if to gain in modernity, Lancôme has chosen to write the name of its product in a very lively style and as if written with a marker, directly by hand. Monsieur Big Mascara therefore reflects the image of a spontaneous and dynamic woman, having no time to waste in the morning. That’s good, this product is very effective in just one coat!

Monsieur Big Mascara, the solution to multiply your eyes

Monsieur Big Mascara immediately arouses astonishment when he reveals his oversized brush. More than ever, this mascara lives up to its name! This allows you to easily capture its ultra creamy and silky texture. Monsieur Big Mascara’s formula combines wax and polymers.

Thus, this association allows the product to adhere more easily to the eyelashes and to cover them instantly. Indeed, a single pass is enough to obtain particularly convincing results. In addition, Lancôme promises us to obtain eyelashes 12 times more voluminous compared to the same bare eyelashes. Likewise, Monsieur Big Mascara has an absolutely exceptional hold over time. It can last for 24 hours without requiring any retouching. However, it produces a very natural effect and does not create clumps on the surface of the eyelashes. This also extends the length of these.

In addition, for even more convincing results, Lancôme recommends preparing your eyelashes beforehand with its Cils Booster XL. Likewise, to remove your makeup at the end of the day, use its Bi Facil makeup remover rather than a regular product. This will allow you to remove all traces of makeup on your eyes without damaging it by rubbing too intensely.