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New Absolue Precious Cells Goutte de Rose Concentrate Night Peeling
New Absolue Precious Cells Goutte de Rose Concentrate Night Peeling

All the regenerative science of Lancôme at the heart of the Concentrated Night Peeling with rose

Lancôme was born from the ambition of a man, Armand Petitjean , and his desire to put French cosmetology back on the front of the stage. It was unthinkable for him to let the United States dominate the beauty market. From then on, he took it into his head to make Lancôme one of the greatest brands on the planet, as if to pay homage to French elegance.

Today, Lancôme enjoys a worldwide reputation, and occupies a choice of place in the cosmetics sector. Its Absolue Precious Cells range brings together exceptional products, and has just welcomed a brand newcomer: the Concentrated Night Peeling with rose.

Lancôme’s prestigious Absolue Precious Cells range

Like each of the treatments in the Absolue Precious Cells range , the Concentrated Night Peeling with rose is an exceptional concentrate. It responds to one of Lancôme’s main beauty concerns: giving the skin more radiance and preserving its youth as long as possible. The idea, through this product, is to magnify natural beauty “à la française”.

The Absolue Precious Cells collection is the result of 20 years of stem cell-based research. Each of the products in this skincare assortment is inspired by nature, and is developed using the latest advances in green chemistry. Powerful active ingredients are combined with precious vegetable oils to reveal the youthfulness of the skin.

The benefits of the Concentrated Rose Night Peeling

If Lancôme has chosen to make a night care product, it is because it is during your sleep that your skin regenerates the best. Indeed, the skin is constantly changing, and forced to constantly adapt to our environment. During the day, it protects itself from external aggressions. On the other hand, at night, it takes advantage of a lull to regenerate. Cells renew themselves best around one in the morning, and skin microcirculation is at its peak.

It is therefore the effectiveness of this instant that Lancôme has chosen to boost in order to preserve your beauty. Lancôme Rose Concentrate Night Peeling takes the form of a two-phase exfoliating oil. To use it, you must shake its bottle. Its objective is to promote skin regeneration by stimulating cell renewal at night. The Concentrated Rose Night Peeling eliminates dead cells on the surface of your body, and thus reveals a visibly calmer, brighter and younger skin. Its formula is specifically designed to be used on sensitive skin.

Lancôme Rose Night Concentrate Peeling therefore reduces the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging such as skin discolorations. In short, it is a luxurious and lightening anti-aging treatment whose formula is mainly made up of plants, and more specifically rose essence.