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Monsieur Big Marker Eye Liner Felt
Monsieur Big Marker Eye Liner Felt

Intensify your gaze with the new Monsieur Big Marker Felt Eye Liner by Lancôme

First used by the Mesopotamians and the Egyptians, the eyeliner was able to cross the villages to sublimate the eyes of women with a simple brushstroke. A true makeup staple, this little tube of black liquid works wonders, and naturally illuminates the eyes with a snap of the fingers. However, to make your task easier when applying it, Lancôme has just developed the brand new Monsieur Big Marker Felt Eye Liner. Focus on this latest generation product.

The ease of application of Felt Eye-Liners

Today there are a whole bunch of different Eye-Liners. These can take a liquid, gel or felt form. So what are the main differences between these products based on? In reality, the latter generate different application processes and require more or less dexterity and control to obtain a suitable result. Indeed, if the liquid eyeliner is the most common today, know that it is not the easiest to apply. Felt is a very interesting alternative if you are new to the eyeliner business. This also contains a liquid product but looks like a traditional pen with a felt tip. The product comes straight out of it and everything is much easier to handle. Indeed, the packaging of the felt eyeliner is comparable to that of a simple pen that you handle every day. As a result, the application of this makeup will appear much more natural to you. What’s more, felt eyeliners have a fairly soft tip, so you can get a nice line on the first try.

The many advantages of the Monsieur Big Marker Felt Eye Liner

However, beyond this advantage, let us note that the Eyeliner Felt Monsieur BigMarker has all the strengths and mastery of the Lancôme brand. This contains a carbon black ink highly concentrated in polymers. In other words, its ink forms a protective film on the eyelid and guarantees a hold of up to 24 hours. In addition, its highly pigmented capacity offers a very intense and particularly glossy black finish. In addition to this aspect, note that Monsieur Big Marker has a soft microfiber tip for easy application. This allows the product to be distributed evenly and very quickly. Its hybrid tip also allows a modular layout. So, if you want to obtain a natural result, you will need to use the tip of the applicator and draw a line flush with your lashes. On the other hand, if you want to create a more daring look, use the flat part of its applicator instead. Its waterproof formula also makes it possible to resist all external aggressions and will offer you a rendering without any burrs. Thus, thanks to Monsieur Big Marker, your eyes will be naturally sublimated from early morning until evening.