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Lancôme Effacil Eye Make-up Remover
Lancôme Effacil Eye Make-up Remover

After having studied with the very famous perfumer, René Coty, Armand Petitjean founded the Lancôme brand in February 1935. Immediately, he presented 5 perfumes at the Universal Exhibition in Brussels and received a gold medial. Armand Petitjean then chooses as emblems the rose, for the perfume, the cherub, for the make-up, and the lotus flower for the care. Offering the most beautiful to women, allowing them to prolong their youth in all their radiance, this is the primary ambition of the Lancôme brand . Here, she presents “Effacil Démaquillant Yeux”.

Lancôme Effacil Eye Makeup Remover, the benefits and effectiveness of a gentle eye makeup remover

Lacôme’s “Effacil” eye makeup remover removes all traces of non-waterproof makeup. Lotion as fresh as water based on rose extract, it provides a pleasant sensation of softness and freshness all around the eyes without leaving a greasy residue. As soon as it is applied, this freshness lotion perfectly removes make-up from the eyes, with the exception of water-resistant make-up. Very soft thanks to its softening agent and rose extracts, Effacil makeup remover will not leave any marks or veils on your eyes. Make-up from your eyelashes and eyelids is immediately removed. Dermatologically tested, Lancôme Effacil makeup remover is suitable for all eyes, even sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Our tips Lancôme Effacil Eye Make-up Remover

First of all, it is advisable to soak a cotton ball with the product. Close one eye, then pass the cotton over the upper eyelid with movements from the top to the bottom and, from the bottom to the top. Remove traces of makeup from the underside of the eyebrows. Starting from the outside corner of the open eye, remove make-up from the lower lashes with a gentle back-and-forth motion. Repeat the same gestures for the other eye, using a clean cotton ball. Your makeup remover is contained in a transparent bottle, where you can appreciate the dazzling midnight blue color of the product. Its transparent cap is easy to remove and put back on.

Lancôme Effacil Eye Makeup Remover is a gentle and fresh eye makeup remover. While it perfectly removes all traces of makeup, “Effacil” does not leave any greasy film. Your eyes breathe freshness and are ready to receive a possible night care.