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Lancôme Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream, for an irresistible smile
Lancôme Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream, for an irresistible smile

Lancôme Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream, what if you made your smile irresistible?

Lipstick is a staple in the women’s bathroom. Widely popularized by the pin-ups of the 50s, he is today one of the stars of the beauty department. Thus, many luxury brands are constantly reinventing its composition, making it more tenacious, more pigmented and more comfortable. However, it is precisely these three main elements that we find in the new lipstick Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream by Lancôme . So, how about learning more about this new concentrate of color, ideally designed to enhance your radiant smile?

Prepare your lips for makeup

First of all, do you know that it is very important to prepare your skin for lipstick. For the desired effect to be there, it is essential to take care of your skin. Start by delicately erasing it about once a week. This helps rid your smile of any dead skin. Then, remember to hydrate your lips well at least twice a day, and as soon as you feel the urge during the day. Once your lips are perfectly smooth, all you have to do is apply your lipstick. Note that the Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream has a particularly practical beveled little grape. This allows you to do without a lip liner. Its fine tip allows you to draw the outline of your mouth without even using a pencil. Then, its flattest surface fills your smile with color. In a single pass, Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream sublimates your lips with opacity and intensity. Moreover, its shape remains identical from the start to the end of its application. So, even several weeks after your first use of this product, your makeup is still just as perfect and easy to perform.

The intense color of Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream

Lancôme Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream is a particularly pigmented and very covering lipstick. A single coat is enough to coat your lips with a lasting and flamboyant color. The Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream offers a satiny definition and thus marries a certain contemporary mattness with just the right amount of shine to give more curve to your smile. Lancôme has chosen to produce Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream in 15 different colored shades, ranging from the most nude and discreet to much more intense and sustained colors, in a range more red, coral or fuchsia.

The care actives contained in Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream

In addition to all these elements, also know that Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream benefits from all Lancôme expertise in cosmetics. In other words, this lipstick incorporates care actives that protect your smile, while ensuring the comfort of your skin throughout the day. Very moisturizing and nourishing, Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream does not cause any tightness. Day after day, it improves the suppleness of your lips, while making them smoother. As a result, your lipstick also becomes easier to apply.