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Hydrazen by Lancôme, the secret of soothed skin!
Hydrazen by Lancôme, the secret of soothed skin!

Hydrazen by Lancôme, the treatment to soothe your skin

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It is also the most exposed to our external environment. Consequently, it is she who suffers the full force of our little habits as well as our inner state. Your every move has an impact on it and this is why the skin tends to show signs of fatigue, stress or old age more quickly. To preserve it, Lancôme has made a wide range of skincare products. Among the most soothing in this category, Hydrazen cream works wonders. It offers your skin a soothing cure and gives it lasting serenity.

Why is your skin stressed?

Skin stress is an increasingly recurring problem. Indeed, the environment in which you operate has a direct impact on your skin. It is this which is in direct contact with the atmosphere which surrounds you and which plays a role of protection against external aggressions. Thus, your skin spends most of its time protecting your body from UV rays, temperature variations or pollution. However, it must be recognized that polluting particles in the air are increasingly present. They act directly on the skin and tend to accelerate skin aging. They can also cause all kinds of inconvenience such as dehydration, hypersensitivity, or the appearance of pigment spots or imperfections. Urban life therefore requires some precautions. Furthermore, your state of mental stress also plays a huge role in the condition of your skin. The more zen you are, the more it will be seen from the outside… This is precisely the ambition of Lancôme Hydrazen cream.

Hydrazen by Lancôme, a concentrate of serenity and hydration

Hydrazen by Lancôme is an anti-stress treatment. This day cream has been specially designed for all people with dry skin. Thus, it contains a unique formula that provides intense, immediate and lasting hydration. As a result, Lancôme Hydrazen provides more comfort and ensures permanent softness and luminosity to your skin. Your body becomes smoother, less dull and more pleasant. Microcapsules of Lipidide, Hyaluronic acid, vectorized ceramides and Glycerol have been incorporated inside this product to ensure its moisturizing function. At the same time, its Neurocalm ™ complex, patented by Lancôme, fights against the negative effects of environmental and emotional stress. The Hydrazen Creamis mainly designed based on natural ingredients. What’s more, the many plant extracts that compose it leave a delicate fragrance on your body. Rose and lily of the valley soothe the skin. The orange relaxes her. The apple distresses her and the white musk reassures her. All these ingredients make it a cream as enveloping and delicate as a perfume, but as beneficial as a high definition treatment that will sublimate your body day after day.