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Hydra Zen by Lancôme, the solution for stressed skin
Hydra Zen by Lancôme, the solution for stressed skin

Hydra Zen by Lancôme, the treatment that soothes stressed skin

The Lancôme house is one of the experts in skincare and make-up. It has been sublimating our skin for several decades now and does everything to protect it from daily aggressions. What is more, as our way of life evolves, Lancôme continually strives to modify the compositions of its skincare products, according to our skin expectations. This is how Hydra Zen was created. Indeed, our urban universe and our intense activity sometimes bring extreme stress to our skin. It is therefore precisely to soothe it that the Lancôme Hydra Zen treatment intervenes.

Why is the skin stressed?

When we talk about stress, it is commonly referred to a mental state mixing anxiety and excitement. However, be aware that this condition can also be visible on the face and all of your skin. Indeed, your skin surface is the number one witness to your daily stress. Your face bears all the signs of your rhythm of life and can sometimes show drawn features and signs of fatigue. For several years, very serious studies have shown the direct influence of stress on our body. “We have all experienced this link,” confirms Didier Coustou, a dermatologist in Toulouse. In the event of acute stress, we have immediate and visible manifestations of it: excessive sweating, redness or paleness of the face, goose bumps and bristling hairs… What is now proven, also, it is that stress is capable of clearly aggravating – or even of causing very certainly – certain skin diseases. “It is therefore in order to avoid this that the treatment intervenes.Hydra Zen by Lancôme . Of course, this beauty routine does not exempt you from practicing meditation or registering for relaxation therapy sessions!

The soothing benefits of Hydra Zen treatment

Hydra Zen is a moisturizing day cream that acts against stress and instantly soothes the epidermis. Indeed, in addition to your psychological state, daily aggressions tend to weaken your skin. It can be wind, sun or air conditioning. It also causes skin stress. Because of these elements, your skin becomes drier, less comfortable, duller and less smooth. It deteriorates and ages prematurely. It is therefore to prevent all these effects that it is essential to apply Hydra Zen treatment every day. Its light texture immediately penetrates the heart of the cells and leaves the skin appearing lastingly soothed. Day after day, your skin appears softer, smoother and more luminous. What’s more, Lancôme Hydra Zen treatment can be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive. For optimal effectiveness, we recommend that you apply it to your previously cleansed face, just before applying your makeup. You will only appear more radiant and rested, as if you came back from vacation!