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Gentle Micellar Water, the freshness solution from Lancôme
Gentle Micellar Water, the freshness solution from Lancôme

Gentle Micellar Water, the freshness and purity of Lancôme

Since 1935, the Lancôme house has been recognized as one of the biggest perfume brands in the world. Each of these juices dresses women with a natural elegance. However, Lancôme is also very famous in the world of beauty. As Armand Petitjean, founder of the brand, put it so well, “Perfume is prestige, a buttonhole. But beauty products are our daily bread ”. To preserve the splendor of feminine skin, Lancôme has therefore decided to offer you a moment of softness, freshness and purity. Focus on Lancôme Gentle Micellar Water.

Cleansing the skin, an essential gesture

Should we cleanse our skin every day, in the morning and in the evening, even when we are not wearing makeup? Well yes ! Makeup removal concerns absolutely all women, including those who do not wear makeup. Cleaning the epidermis is a real necessity to preserve its youth. It allows to cleanse the skin in depth and to rid it of the impurities accumulated over the hours. Indeed, makeup is not the only product to suffocate the skin surface. Other cosmetics, sebum, pollution, and even dust also prevent him from breathing properly. The pores are clogged and cleaning is therefore the essential gesture to properly oxygenate your skin. It eliminates perspiration, rejects all the residues of our environment as well as sebum and impurities. It ensures a fresher, delicately rosy complexion that feels rested. It is therefore precisely to meet this need that Lancôme Gentle Micellar Water was developed, a cleansing but non-aggressive product.

Lancôme Gentle Micellar Water, a treatment that respects the epidermis

Gentle Micellar Water is a lotion that gently frees the skin from impurities. Its innovative technology makes it possible to perfectly remove make-up from the face while providing optimal tolerance to the most sensitive skin. What’s more, Lancôme Gentle Micellar Water is highly appreciated for its freshness. Its non-irritating formula is also suitable for removing make-up from the eyes and lips. Dermatologically tested, Gentle Micellar Water is specifically designed to meet the specific needs of people with very fragile skin. By cleansing your skin, Gentle Micellar Waterby Lancôme moisturizes your skin. Thus, its formula does not dry out the face, and ensures permanent comfort for several hours. To use it, you just need to pour a little of the product on a cotton pad and place it all over your face. Thus, you will eliminate all makeup residue and impurities. Your skin will regain all its freshness and will be naturally more beautiful every day.