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Visionary Eyes On Correction, the triple action treatment
Visionary Eyes On Correction, the triple action treatment

The face is a very sensitive part of the body and very exposed to external aggressions. What is more, within this area, the eye area is the thinnest and most fragile part. Indeed, this region of the face is poor in sebaceous glands, collagen fibers and elastin. What’s more, we estimate the number of eyelid beats per day at around 10,000, a perpetual motion that requires no less than 22 muscles! In other words, there is absolutely nothing surprising that this area is one of the most marked on the face. Therefore, it is essential to take care of it. This is why Lancôme has developed an extraordinary cream called Visionnaire Yeux On Correction. The latter is considered to be a revolutionary treatment which alone combines three actions.

The concealer effect of Visionary Eye On Correction treatment

Visionary Eyes On Correction is a cream that instantly blurs facial imperfections. Thus, its effect is visible immediately and helps to camouflage dark circles. The latter adapts to all types of skin tones and helps to mask fatigue from early morning until evening. What’s more, this miracle balm can easily be covered with a concealer or a foundation for an even more remarkable result. Moreover, it contributes to a better hold of the make-up and allows the latter to keep its shine throughout the day. It will then give you a more aroused mine with a snap of your fingers, giving you a sharper look than ever.

The anti-wrinkle action of Lancôme skincare

At the same time, Lancôme Visionnaire Yeux On Correction also acts as an anti-wrinkle agent. Indeed, the numerous movements carried out by the eyelids every day contribute to making the eyes one of the places most marked by age. This is why the texture of Visionnaire Yeux On Correction treatment instantly fills fine lines and makes the complexion more even. In addition, for a long-lasting effect, Lancôme has incorporated an active ingredient that fights against the anticipated aging of dermatological cells. Thus, in just four weeks of use, it reduces the furrows formed on the surface of the skin.

Visionary Eyes On Correction’s ice cube effect

Finally, the Visionary Eyes On Correction has a very refreshing effect. This allows it to instantly deflate the eyelids and give your face an immediate boost. Thus, it is very pleasant to apply in the morning and offers a real boost of dynamism. What’s more, its draining action helps tighten the pores of the skin. Thus, the blisters present around the eye are visibly reduced as soon as it is applied and the bags under the eyes of bad days will then be only a distant memory.

The Visionary Eyes On Correction is a revolutionary treatment that is applied morning and evening to the eye contour, to clean, cleansed skin. He then promises to sublimate your eyes like never before, making him one of your main seduction assets.