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Lancôme perfume La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum Intense Patchouli Elixir, the fragrance of Reminiscence
Lancôme's new La Vie Est Belle Intensément advertisement
Lancôme’s new La Vie Est Belle Intensément advertisement

La Vie Est Belle Intensely, Lancôme’s advertising pulsates to the rhythm of its new fragrance

Lancôme has always made femininity its primary source of inspiration. It is therefore to pay tribute to the evolution of women over the last century that the brand designed the perfume La Vie Est Belle, in 2012. Because femininity has gradually emancipated itself, Lancôme has chosen to highlight the new freedom of women in a fragrance synonymous with happiness. Having become Lancôme’s undisputed bestseller, La Vie Est Belle has reinvented itself several times. Even today, it is changing and becoming more exciting than ever. La Vie Est Belle Intensément marks the brand’s entry into 2020 and is already accompanied by new advertising.

Lancôme refocuses its advertising on its bottle

Lancôme had accustomed us to the presence of a female figure well known to the general public in each of its advertisements: that of the actress Julia Roberts, muse of La Vie Est Belle since the launch of the collection. However, this time, the actress is absent and the bottle of La Vie Est Belle Intensément now occupies the center of the poster. The fragrance of La Vie Est Belle Intensely vibrates and pulsates. It lets droplets escape and unfolds its flavor in an explosion of ingredients. Flowers flood the screen, while a fuchsia ink, reminiscent of the color of its juice, pours out little by little. The organza wings attached to the neck of its bottle are also highlighted. Everything is played on the cover of the song “Diamonds” by Rihanna, interpreted by singer Josef Salvat. Besides, if you prick up your ears, you will find that the rhythm of this song is not smooth. Here, Lancôme is speeding it up little by little, as if to give the impression of an emergency. The message is clear: happiness does not wait and must be gathered as soon as possible. “This fiery creation captures the fire that animates and shines in those who live according to this essential mantra: my happiness is here and now”.

Red iris and vanilla, star ingredients of La Vie Est Belle Intensément

La Vie Est Belle Intensément dares an unprecedented combination of ingredients and clearly showcases the iris, the collection’s emblematic flower. Here it is a red iris, combined with the sensual flavor of a vanilla bean. This generous and racy duo offers us a vibrant trail, endowed with unprecedented power. It all starts with a fruity alliance of raspberry, bergamot and pink pepper. The spices immediately warm up the atmosphere, before La Vie Est Belle Intensément evolves into an enormous floral bouquet: its heart contains sambac jasmine, orange blossom absolute and heliotrope. At its base, vanilla is wrapped in patchouli and benzoin resin. As always, the whole is presented to us in the famous Lancôme bottle called “Le Souris de Cristal”.