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Lancôme Tonique Eclat Lotion
Lancôme Tonique Eclat Lotion

The Lancôme brand was born in 1935 under the leadership of Armand Petitjean, a man eager to imagine high quality luxury products. The first year, Lancôme presents 5 perfumes at the Universal Exhibition in Brussels. Armand Petitjean absolutely wanted a name that sounded “very French” and that rhymes with the mythical Place Vendôme… So it will be Lancôme! Since then, the brand has continued to innovate and offer high quality products, cosmetics and skincare . Here, the Lancôme house presents its “Tonique Eclat Lotion”.

Lancôme Tonique Eclat Lotion, its many benefits

“Lotion Tonique Eclat Lotion” is a light and overactivated lotion which eliminates dead cells for a homogeneous and effective exfoliation. Your Lancôme tonic contains a new generation of patented active ingredient which reproduces the natural exfoliation process. Indeed, the Lancôme laboratories have produced the “Tonique Éclat” lotion from active ingredients of natural origin for an anti-drying make-up removal and a pleasant feeling of comfort. As a result, the lotion will accelerate cell renewal to provide you with glowing skin. It will also hydrate the skin for a pleasant feeling of softness and freshness. The “Tonique Eclat Lotion” is suitable for normal to combination skin.

Our advice for the correct use of Lancôme Tonique Eclat Lotion

Lancôme tonic lotion is used daily morning and evening, either to perfect your make-up removal or to wake up your skin in the morning and prepare it for the other treatments and make-up of the day. It is advisable to apply your “Tonique Éclat” soak in two cotton discs. Take one in each hand, then dab gently on your skin. Your tonic is contained in a sea blue bottle that allows you to escape, where the rose is engraved from the inside. It is available in 200 and 400 ml bottles.

Lancôme Tonique Eclat Lotion is an overactivated lotion that eliminates dead skin cells. It is suitable for normal to combination skin and can be used in the morning as well as in the evening to perfect your make-up removal.