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Lancôme The Energy of Life Night Mask
Lancôme The Energy of Life Night Mask

The “Energy of Life” range imagined by Lancôme offers a new form of hydration, through fresh and surprising textures. Thanks to Énergie de Vie products, your skin is not only fresh, but brimming with health. Unlike the day face mask that is used occasionally, the night face mask does not freeze the skin for 15 or 20 minutes, but it deeply rehydrates it overnight. The night mask is generally more concentrated in moisturizing active ingredients than a night cream. In the Night Energy range, Lancôme presents The Life Energy Night Mask.

Lancôme The Energie de Vie Night Mask, for perfectly rested skin

Thanks to your Lancôme Mask, you will be able to keep an active skin at night which fights against the signs of fatigue. Your skin is then deeply hydrated and regenerated, and offers a fresher, rested complexion, and skin radiant with beauty. Your Lancôme Mask has a melting texture that provides deep hydration to your skin while you sleep. With your Lancôme Night Mask, you dive into a journey through the senses. Its texture gives you an instant burst of freshness as well as a natural fragrance. As hydrating and plumping as a balm, the Night Recovery Mask was designed to release upon application in water droplets, rehydrating the skin in just 10 minutes, and leaving it feeling fresh, plumped and truly smoothed.

How to use the Lancôme Energy of Life Night Mask?

It is advisable to apply a thin layer on your previously cleansed skin. Then leave it on all night. You can also apply the Lancôme Mask as a moisturizing mask. To do this, apply a generous layer to perfectly cleansed skin and leave for 10 minutes. Then remove the excess. Use 2-3 times a week. Your Lancôme Mask is available in a 75 ml glass jar. Its luminous green color is similar to that of the Énergie de Vie range. Its silver metal cap offers a final touch of elegance.

The Lancôme Energie de Vie Night Mask is part of the prestigious “Energie de Vie” range. Thanks to your Night Mask, your skin is perfectly hydrated and rested. Bright, your skin breathes health!