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Lancôme signs a Rôsy Plump gloss
Lancôme signs a Rôsy Plump gloss

Lancôme Absolu Gloss Rosy Plump, a concentrate of volume and hydration

Like fashion, makeup changes with the seasons. This one is oriented by the parades organized by the big luxury houses as well as by the actresses. However, in recent years, the gloss seems to be making a comeback. Among his most famous followers, Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria seem to swear by him. The gloss can be worn just as much on a red carpet as in the cinema, perfectly sublimating a cocktail dress or a simple casual style. Lancôme has therefore decided to ride this trend and is currently developing a whole range of new generation glosses. The Absolu Gloss Rosy Plump  appears to be a hydration concentrate providing your lips with shine, radiance and comfort.

The new generation gloss

The gloss was a particularly trendy product during the 90s. On the other hand, it was then widely criticized. He was considered too clingy, not glamorous enough, too shiny, too transparent, too drying,… a whole range of unflattering adjectives highlighting his little flaws.

Fortunately, today it has greatly evolved. Now, the gloss is enriched with nourishing and moisturizing agents. In other words, it takes care of the mouth day after day and makes the lips smoother, softer and more comfortable with each use. Likewise, his outfit has been greatly improved. If it used to last only one to two hours, today it can sublimate the mouth for six consecutive hours, a real godsend! Its sticky texture is also far behind it. Now, the gloss is more comfortable than ever.

Finally, it has also gained in intensity and is now loaded with very colored pigments. A single pass is enough to make it completely opaque without reducing its shine. Moreover, its glossy side makes it a real ally for women with a small mouth. In this case, the gloss tends to increase the volume and make the lips fuller.

The advantages of Absolu Gloss Rosy Plump

The Absolu Gloss Rosy Plump is a real gem of technology. The latter comes from the  best of Lancôme research and only amplifies the new benefits of new generation glosses. It is a very volumizing product capable of shaping and plumping the lips in a single pass. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, it also combines vanilla and menthol for an immediate feeling of freshness. The Absolu Gloss Rosy Plump also comes with a foam applicator tip delivering the right amount of product. Thus, it offers a very natural rendering and its application is a real child’s play. Absolu Gloss Rosy Plump can be used alone. Nonetheless, it’s also a great moisturizer to apply before your classic lipstick. Finally, it can also be used as a top coat to increase the shine of your usual makeup as well as its hold.