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Lancôme reinvents its Hypnôse mascara
Lancôme reinvents its Hypnôse mascara

The new Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara bottle

The look is one of the most fascinating beauty assets. This is why women have tried to highlight it for many decades. The big luxury houses know it: mascara has become one of the most popular makeup products. Year after year, it perfects itself, always offering a little more results while taking care of your natural beauty. Among Lancôme‘s greatest references , Mascara Hypnôse is an undisputed star. Created in 2004, it reinvents itself and offers itself a brand new bottle this year 2018. A wind of modernity is blowing through Lancôme. With it, increase the volume of your eyelashes to hypnosis!

Lancôme’s unique packaging

To seduce a new generation of women, Mascara Hypnôse is adorned with a brand new bottle with subtly refined lines. Entirely tinted in black, it offers generous curves reminiscent of femininity. However, it remains devoid of any superfluous and has a very elegant style. Its shape also makes it easier to grip. This new generation case is equipped with a very supplied brush which, despite its finesse, contains 1000 bristles whose sole objective is to capture the right amount of material to deposit it on your lashes and wrap them from root to tip . With Hypnôse Mascara, treat yourself to the hypnotic power of a concentrate of new technologies!

The creamy formula of the new Hypnôse Mascara

In addition to this new bottle, Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara is renowned for its creamy texture. Over time, the latter intensifies the thickness and volume of the eyelashes to make them thicker while keeping them separate from each other. Thus, the Hypnôse Mascara offers a particularly natural rendering and does not create any clumps. Its creamy texture can be worked on at will and your eyes only become more fascinating. Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara mixes several natural active ingredients. Vegetable carnauba wax coats the lashes and maintains their curvature between each brush stroke. Jojoba oil facilitates the application of the product.

Finally, acacia gum makes the eyelashes softer and more supple. Combined together, these assets do real wonders! They nourish and protect your gaze all day long while preserving its lightness and flexibility. Thus, the Hypnôse Mascara remains one of the most popular makeup references for women. 91% of users emphasize the flexibility of their eyes. 89% of them are seduced by the precision of the makeup offered to them. Finally, 79% appreciate the new intensity of their gaze. For tailor-made makeup, also know that the Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara is available in three different colored shades: Hypnotic Black, Extra Black or Hypnotic Brown.