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Lancôme - Miracle Blossom
Lancôme – Miracle Blossom

Miracle Blossom, the new fragrance from Lancôme

Since 2000, Miracle has been bringing a breath of fresh air to the Lancôme house. Also, it is a new variation of this cult scent that the brand presents to us this time. Miracle Blossom will make its appearance by September 2016 and is heralded as an ode to happiness and a concentrate of wonder. Miracle Blossom is a juice that embodies the force of nature and the splendor of the surrounding world. It is as if he had captured the lightness of a summer morning to put it in a bottle. Miracle Blossom is like the feminine purity of a nascent nature. It is all about elegance, subtlety and refinement.

Lancôme miracle and its variations

This is not the first time that Lancôme’s iconic Miracleis revisited. It made its appearance at the dawn of the second millennium. It quickly became one of the major perfumes of the Lancôme house. This is why this floral and fruity juice imagined by Alberto Morillas and Harry Frémont has been reinterpreted many times. Thus, it was declined in a male version a year after its release. Likewise, in 2002, it became Miracle Intense, displaying a more pronounced, spicier scent and resting on an incense-based base. In 2004, it was the turn of Miracle So Magic to make its appearance. This was a hymn to the joy of living, greener than its predecessor but encouraging to see life in pink. 2005 then saw the appearance of Miracle Summer, a lighter, airy and fresh fragrance. Also, if Miracle’s vocation is to give thanks to the beauty of the day Miracle Forever, meanwhile, celebrates the splendor of the night. This appeared in 2006 and was followed by Eau Lighter in 2008. Also, after an eight-year hiatus, Lancôme decided to develop Miracle Blossom, a variation this time honoring absolute femininity. .

Explore Miracle Blossom

In many ways, Miracle Blossom evokes the scent of its elders. We find there its fresh and fruity start with lychee. This tropical fruit here delivers its gay, floral and sparkling scent. It is accompanied by the invigorating acidity of tangerine as well as the greener and juicier side of Granny Smith apple. Her heart, meanwhile, is a compendium of romanticism and femininity. It is similar to a huge bouquet of roses and sits on a warmer, enveloping background. Miracle Blossom ends with a soft and creamy base containing sandalwood. The musk then sublimates the whole with its captivating sensuality. As usual, Miracle Blossom is contained in the iconic bottle of the collection. This forms an imposing glass monolith with clean but voluptuous edges. All in transparency, it reveals the lilac-pink color of its juice and is topped by a chrome cap reminiscent of the color of the writing of its name on its front face. Finally, on the muse side, Lancôme once again called on the beautiful Lily Collins to embody the image of Miracle Blossom. Indeed, the daughter of the famous singer Phil Collins has been the muse of the house since 2013 and it must be recognized that this role fits her like a glove.