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Lancôme Hydra Zen Night Mask Serum
Lancôme Hydra Zen Night Mask Serum

Lancôme Hydra Zen Night Serum in Mask, for a more soothed face

Lancôme is one of the most famous luxury and cosmetics brands on the planet to this day. His ambition? Enhance the beauty of women as long as possible. Always romantic at will, Lancôme takes us into a refined and soothing universe with each of its products. Its new Hydra Zen Night Mask Serum is no exception to the rule. With him, all is softness and relaxation. This new generation treatment is ideally designed to soothe your face and enhance it while you sleep.

The Hydra Zen Night Serum in Mask, when softness, freshness and hydration become one

Hydra Zen Night Mask Serum, as its name suggests, has a hybrid formula. It is halfway between the highly concentrated serum and the classic night mask. Presented in a small round and feminine box, the Hydra Zen Night Mask Serum is applied in small touches on the face. A single nut is enough to deploy all its benefits. Hydra Zen Night Mask Serum is used on a cleansed face in the evening, just before you sleep. Night after night, Lancôme serum reduces the visible signs of oxidative stress, often caused by repeated fatigue or a polluted environment.

The Hydra Zen Night Serum in Mask immediately penetrates the heart of the skin cells and reinforces its hydration. It deposits its creamy formula and delicately relaxing fragrance on the face. Thus, the Hydra Zen Night Mask Serum does more than soothe your skin. It also takes care of your well-being. In the morning, your face looks fresher. Over time, the Hydra Zen Night Mask Serum strengthens the skin’s luminosity and makes the face more even.

Lancôme works while you sleep

If Lancôme has chosen to make a treatment that works overnight, it is quite simply because it is the most favorable time for cell regeneration. In fact, during the day, the skin is put to the test. It is attacked from all sides by countless attacks. Pollution, temperature variations or the sun’s rays are all elements that weaken it. The epidermis then takes care of its protection as a priority. At night, however, it takes advantage of a lull to recharge and regenerate. Even when your body is at rest, this is when the activity of your skin cells is at its peak. Therefore, the care you give to your face at night is all the more beneficial. It increases the efficiency of the regeneration of your skin and the results are therefore increased tenfold the next morning when you wake up. The Hydra Zen Night Mask Serum thus displays remarkable results!