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Lancôme perfume La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum Intense Patchouli Elixir, the fragrance of Reminiscence

Founded in 1935 under the leadership of Armand Petitjean, the Lancôme brand simultaneously launches 5 fragrances which it presents at the Universal Exhibition in Brussels. On the make-up side, the brand started off with huge success, the “Rose de France” lipstick . At that time, the fashion was for indelible lipsticks that held because they tinted the pulp of the lips. Nevertheless, they were drying out. Lancôme then created “Rose de France”, a pale pink lipstick with a soft texture which then offered women soft and shiny lips. Here, Lancôme presents “Galatée Confort Démaquillant”.

Lancôme Galatée Confort Make-up Remover, actions and benefits

“Galatée Confort Démaquillant” is a comforting cleansing milk for dry skin. Thanks to its purity, your skin breathes, it is beautiful and natural. This as cozy cleansing milk as you want, combines efficiency and voluptuousness. It is composed of nourishing lacto-proteins and moisturizing and softening active ingredients. Its formula also combines honey, vegetable milks (almond extract), cereal extracts, as well as yeast extracts. Lancôme cleansing milk is like a caress. It brings calm, comfort and relaxation to dry skin. Lancôme cleansing milk benefits from a rich, soft and ultra delicate texture.

Lancôme Galatée Confort Make-up Remover, advice for use

You can use your Lancôme makeup remover daily, morning and evening. Start by applying your cleansing milk with your fingers in circular movements (forehead, cheeks, chin), to finish by the midline and the neck. Then remove the excess with a tissue. Finally, use a Lancôme tonic to remove the last traces of impurities and to perfect your makeup removal.


Lancôme Galatée Confort Démaquillant is a makeup remover specially designed for dry skin. Thanks to its particularly soft texture, your Lancôme make-up remover cleans, softens and hydrates your face in a single step.