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Brow Define Pencil, the new Lancôme weapon for your eyebrows
Brow Define Pencil, the new Lancôme weapon for your eyebrows

Dress up your eyes with the Brôw Define Pencil by Lancôme

To have a pretty look, women use all kinds of beauty products. However, the eyebrows are also an area to look out for. They structure the entire face and amplify the intensity of your gaze . Yes but here it is, knowing how to highlight them is not necessarily an easy thing. Some women have too thin or too thin eyebrows. Others, on the other hand, have very thick eyebrows. In this case, they must epilate them. However, a small accident quickly happens and can give rise to a hair irregularity. To help you outsmart all of this, Lancôme has developed the Brôw Define Pencil, a high definition eyebrow pencil that will give you makeup results worthy of a true professional!

With the Brôw Define Pencil Lancôme obtain a natural result

First of all, for the effect to be successful, know that it is essential to choose the right material and the right color of pencil, so as to have a very natural rendering. To make up your eyebrows, it is recommended to opt for a pencil of a shade darker than that of your hair. This is why the Brôw Define Pencil by Lancômecomes in four different colors. It allows you to get as close as possible to the color of your hair. In this way, it perfectly fills the sparse or excessively shaved areas of your eyebrows and perfectly mimics natural hair. Its fine and retractable lead guarantees perfect application precision. Finally, its color is completely waterproof. In other words, it does not fear excess sebum, perspiration or humidity. As a result, Brôw Define Pencil is resistant to all conditions and your make-up remains resplendent from early morning until evening.

How to properly apply your Brôw Define Pencil?

Lancôme endowed its new make-up productBrôw Define Pencil with two different tips. First, you need to use your brush to style your eyebrows and stretch them from root to tip. Thus, you will more effectively perceive sparse areas that need touching up. Then, you need to use the fine tip of his pencil to fill in these areas. To do this, hold the Lancôme Brôw Define Pencil vertically and move it in the same direction as the natural curve of your eyebrows. Start from their base and go outwards and towards the upper part. Draw small lines to imitate the hair. Finally, finish your makeup by using the Brôw Define Pencil brush again. It will allow you to blend makeup and get a more natural look. What’s more, it will finish disciplining your eyebrows.

Also note that, for makeup at the top of the eyebrows, it is necessary to determine their ideal structure. It all depends on the shape of your eyes and that of your face. A small forehead, for example, will be highlighted by rather straight and thin eyebrows. On the other hand, a large forehead will be reduced by thicker eyebrows. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional institute.

Seduced by this new makeup product?

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